Welcome to ZEN

5* 'Gorgeous escapism' - 5* 'Nothing prepares you for it' - 5* 'Like being at Universal Studios' - 4.5* 'Amazing!' - 5* 'It's a real fantasy Universe'

Tried Virtual Reality? You know, stick an Oculus Rift headset and look around?
It’s pretty good and there are some really nice things you can look at.
The thing is, that’s great for the eyes but it’s not really immersive and after a few minutes we often started to feel a bit ill.
We wanted to put some VR together and show what REAL immersion was about.
When we built “THE LIMIT“, 3D sound and motion was included and the reaction was excitement and “Wow!”.
That was only half the journey for us – we wanted something emotive, fascinating and ending in jaw dropping silence.
Where The Limit is exciting, claustrophobic, singular and akin to a roller coaster, Zen needed to be open, creative, interactive and a completely personal experience. We needed all of your senses involved to take you to the World of Zen.

We built some additional hardware, wrote some more software and now we have an experience that has:

360 degree virtual reality – look all around you, it’s a beautiful World
True 3D sound  – you can identify where a sound is coming from as you move your head
Motion seating – no more feeling ill now your body is moving with your eyes
Touch – see your digital hands, reach out and change the environment
Scent – you read it right, you can smell the World as you interact

We have created an exclusive digital experience which looks (and smells) as good as it sounds.

Want to try it? Give us a call and come to the studio for this unique experiential installation.