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VR Camera 3D Print 1

3D Print your own 4K 360 Camera

We owe a lot to the open source community so we like to give something back every now and then. We design and build custom rigs for VR filming and this is a really useful one for high quality 360 filming using our favoured GoPro Sessions (compact units which are light and waterproof to 10


Our new 3D VR Camera

We don’t expect anyone to know (or perhaps even care) BUT you simply can’t buy one commercially. So here was our solution – we designed and built one. Now you can certainly source a 2D VR camera and you can find 3D cameras but we are really pleased to announce that we have developed an

More Awards!

It’s always nice to have your work appreciated by others – especially with a prestigious award! The highly competitive Purple Apple Marketing Awards are given to the most effective shopping centre campaigns during the year. In combination with JLL, we created an interactive experience which guided customers to the shopping centre and then interacted with floor markers

Virtual Reality That You See, Hear, Touch, Smell . . . and Think

Digital Realities experts, Harmony Studios, have taken immersive reality to a new level and created two environments which build on the basic visual and audio blocks of Virtual Reality (VR). “We wanted to see how far we could take the immersive experience and understand the emotional responses visitors have with VR environments” says Jason Higgins,

VRagrance – adding scent to virtual reality

We love experimenting, building and innovating here (and we also get bored easily) which is why we turned our attention to creating a software controlled scent delivery system. Not only that but we designed and 3D printed our prototypes so that we can trial it out with our VR. Now, it didn’t escape us that

Total Mind Control

This might take some mental power to explain BUT … we were really excited about the Emotiv headset for monitoring brain activity so we thought “Maybe, we can train it to work as a controller with our software?” A couple of months later, we now have the ability to use our minds to guide ourselves in

Epson BT200 Tests

The BT 200’s are good but we’ve heard some inside information about the next range and they will be awesome. To give some background, the BT100’s were really only for projection of a screen to both eyes. We had to strap a camera onto the top of them and hack the unit to push a

Finger Tip Control

This is a bit of an old one but we use Leap sensors to allow us to do fingertip control of 3D objects, gesture control and screen animations. In AR, we use it to allow people to control objects at events and experiential installations as well as create cool effects in the software. We also

7D Virtual Reality

So… everyone knows we are an AR studio but we also love immersing ourselves in a little Virtual Reality every now and then. The problem is that vanilla VR isn’t enough for us – we want experiences that you can see, feel and hear like real life – in 7D as it were. Using an

Motion Capture Experiments

We’ve often been asked to show how we do avatar style AR – think Princess Leia in Star Wars being projected by R2D2. Well here is quick example of how we capture a persons movement, create a 3D model and textures and then make it all come to life – in less than 30 seconds