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Mardles Augmented Toys and Books

We are delighted to announce the launch of two new exciting ranges of children’s products next month under the Mardles brand. As an extension to the hugely successful range of interactive stickers and colouring books, Harmony have developed the new products as a joint venture with the team at Alive Lab Limited.



No sensation links with memory stronger than smell and our VRagrance systems link the virtual and real scent delivery to create an amazing layer of immersion you won’t forget.


Immersion VR Seats

Virtual Reality is great but we never we don’t do thing in ordinary flavours at Harmony. We were frustrated with motion sickness limiting the scope of VR and we wanted to create experiences with more immersion than a simple headset can offer.

Insta 360

3D 360 Filming

We have spent a long time developing the perfect 3D 360 camera for our shoots and we are delighted to have hooked up with Insta360 who have produced the new PRO camera system.

mymall spring

MyMall – Augmented Reality

Following our award-winning Christmas @ Broadway Augmented Reality app, we have been trialling a new product on over 20 British Land plc sites for a series of seasonal activities to promote family shopping trips.

VR Hire

AR and VR Rentals

We started renting out our VR equipment for events in 2016 which has gone so well, we have a new member of staff to look after all of our hire clients. In addition, we now have super powerful and easy to use laptops for the Vive and Oculus kits. Need 50 headsets? Need some content?

VR Camera 3D Print 1

3D Print your own 4K 360 Camera

We owe a lot to the open source community so we like to give something back every now and then. We design and build custom rigs for VR filming and this is a really useful one for high quality 360 filming using our favoured GoPro Sessions (compact units which are light and waterproof to 10


Our new 3D VR Camera

We don’t expect anyone to know (or perhaps even care) BUT you simply can’t buy one commercially. So here was our solution – we designed and built one. Now you can certainly source a 2D VR camera and you can find 3D cameras but we are really pleased to announce that we have developed an

More Awards!

It’s always nice to have your work appreciated by others – especially with a prestigious award! The highly competitive Purple Apple Marketing Awards are given to the most effective shopping centre campaigns during the year. In combination with JLL, we created an interactive experience which guided customers to the shopping centre and then interacted with floor markers