Epson BT200 Tests

Epson BT200 Tests


The BT 200’s are good but we’ve heard some inside information about the next range and they will be awesome.
To give some background, the BT100’s were really only for projection of a screen to both eyes. We had to strap a camera onto the top of them and hack the unit to push a feed to the already bulky headset. With the BT 200’s, Epson added a camera and some AR orientated hardware which made them more suitable for our uses. NOTE: Meta’s spaceglasses are basically Epson BT200’s with an IR camera on top for hand recognition.

These units work well and we run a number of industrial AR applications on them for clients who want to interact hands free with products. The unit is a little low powered but we can still run object recognition on them which works very well.

Wireless, larger screen, RGBD camera and we think Epson will be onto a winner with the BT300’s.